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What are techno-humanities?

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The term techno-humanities is used to designate discourse that is focused on interactions between human beings and technological devices.  Thus, for example, the study on the way smart phones are used and the impact of this use on all levels of human consciousness and activity, would be a discourse of techno-humanities.

Available courses

Beihang University SGE Masters Level Course

This is an interdisciplinary masters level course for engineers. It raises issues about the working priorities of engineers and cultural and social values issues related to engineering.  The course integrates two major topics, both as they relate to engineering: technological ethics and science research methodology.

The purpose of the ethics component is to review elements of technological ethics as they relate to engineering. The course will cover major concepts of ethical theory.

The science component of the course will consider methods of scientific research.  Why there is not a single scientific method will be studied and discussed.  How are scientific discoveries made? What is the role of hypothesis and deduction? What is the meaning of truth in science?